Brand Story

????????? Kokliang Pharmacy was founded in 1975. Originally both a traditional Chinese and modern pharmacy, we are renowned for over 30 years as being the pioneer of integrating the best known herbal extracts, such as snow lotus, ginseng, tea, pearls, Chinese borneol, from various Asian countries into cosmetics. Our products, under the Kokliang and Shen Nung brands, are guaranteed to be rich in herbal nutrients as confirmed by independent scientific and botanical research studies.

Currently, our products have been well received and trusted by both domestic and international customers. Thus, in order to meet the continuous demands, we have moved our factory to Amphur Krathumban, in the province of Samutsakorn, which has served as our main production base until today.

Every product under the Kokliang and Shen Nung brand reflects our continuous efforts in research and development. We are proud to take part in the search for the secrets of Asian botany to fulfill our customers? needs to live healthier and longer by using pure, natural herbal products.






Kokliang Pharmacy


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