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Shen Nung Snow Lotus Soap 100 g.


      The transparent blue soap made from Snow Lotus is specially formulated for blemished, wrinkled or scarred skin caused by daily exposure to the sun, wind and even by sunburn. Snow Lotus, also known as Xue lian in Chinese, is a type of lotus used for centuries by the Chinese for its age-defying properties due to its plentiful vitamins, minerals and proteins. To further its qualities, we have added Pearls Powder and Borneol Extracts whose medicinal properties help reduce acne infection by dissolving clogged pores. This soap is especially helpful for reducing acne on the shoulder blades and backs, yet gentle enough to be used to reduce oil from facial areas. Not only does this soap expedite the natural rejuvenating processes of the skin, it also helps firm and smoothen your skin. Not often will you see such valuable mixtures of medicinal extracts in one soap especially made to help your skin appear younger!


FDA Registered number : 10-1-5207519



Benifits :

1. Reduce acne blemishes to keep skin clear.
2. Effectively deep clean, and gently use everyday.
3. Helps prevent the development of new blackheads.
4. Leave your skin feeling cool and fresh.
5. Helps naturally brighten skin.


Ingredients :

Snow Lotus

Pearl Powder



How to use :

Using for your face and body, gently massage the skin and leaving it for a moment. Then rinse with clean water.






Additional information

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