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Shen Nung Spa Soap 100 g.


      Specially formulated to rejuvenate and nourish the skin as prescribed by traditional Asian spa treatments, our Shen Nung Spa Soap?s Korean ginseng extracts help strengthen and beautify weakened skin due to smoke, pollution, harmful sunlight and stress. Korean Ginseng Extracts have been highly valued and renowned to enhance circulation of blood flow for a fuller, fresher and more relaxed skin. Additional nourishing ingredients from natural Turmeric and Cucumber Extracts improve elasticity and smoothness of the skin by removing blemishes and skin burns caused by daily exposure to the sun and heat. We have mixed all these nutrients along with Licorice, Cinnamon and Cloves for your daily use to be gentle to your skin, making it smoother and more radiant.


FDA Registered number : 10-1-5207519



Benifits :

1. Remove dirt, oil and impurities without over drying.
2. Helps reduce visible sign of aging, healthy looking skin.
3. Deeply moisturizes and nourishes.
4. Leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.
5. Helps naturally whiten skin.


Ingredients :

Korean Ginseng




Clove Oil



How to use :

Using for your face and body, gently massage the skin and leaving it for a moment. Then rinse with clean water.






Additional information

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